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WELCOME to my website!

My exhibition at Lovely's Gallery has now closed, but the display was VERY good - lots of people said so, not just me!

Unveiled! Just two of the surprises. The centipede is now on his way to a new home.

as mentioned on Jo Whiley, Radio 2, 8:36 on Thursday evening!!! (Famous!)

The 2017 season is winding down (see the Events and Exhibitions page for more details), and the May exhibition at Delamore in Devon is now just a glorious sunny memory, but we have Halloween soon and the Lovely's exhibition has been a great reason to take the time to make new work.

I'm busy trying to keep up with orders from my various galleries and gardens, when this mouse will let me have a turn on the anvil -

Apart from the new Beauty and the Copper Beasts work, I have made these in the last few weeks:

The water lily pad pair, with an added flower, is a new arrangement; and the clam shell is the largest I have made at about 18 inches across. Getting the colouring right on that scale is quite demanding!

I have also revisited the Arum Lily Trio with Vine, for a commission, and that went well too. We are working up a summer storm!


Sussex Prairie Gardens have now closed for the winter. Their unusual planting mad a perfect backdrop for some of my larger pieces, and I'm delighted to have been invited to exhibit there again in 2018.


Did you see the little piggies?

They were to be seen at the RHS Rosemoor Winter Sculpture Exhibition, Great Torrington, in North Devon, from November 19th to February 19th 2017. It offers 65 acres of gardens, and the sculptures add interest when the summer flowers are quiet. There are pictures of my other pieces there on the PAST EXHIBITIONS page of this website.

The exhibition has now closed, but you can still see one of my woodpeckers there right in front of the big house. The RHS management decided to buy it for permanent exhibition, which is a compliment I very much appreciate.


Galleries and Gardens: please visit the EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS page to see the other places where my work can currently be viewed.


Note: pictures and prices shown on the Website

The pictures of sculptures shown in the Gallery are usually the first example of a new design, and the price shown is a guide to what that piece would cost. Each piece, however, is an individual work in its own right, and subsequent examples of any design may vary as ideas develop. Therefore the pictures and the prices shown should be taken, as they are labelled, as a guide. See 'Prices and Designs' page for a fuller explanation.

Copyright on all images and designs on this website remains with Emily Stone.

Please note - I'm NOT the address shown in Google! If you need to visit the workshop, phone me on 07714 1066 49 for directions.

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  Recent arrivals:        
  Rutting Stags seen at The Salutation Gardens, Sandwich; then on view at the RHS Hillier Gardens. On the right, my heaviest-ever sculpture in progress - ready for Delamore Arts; now at the Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead.      

My combative stags are now on view at the Hillier RHS gardens, Hampshire. These and other new arrivals are on the New Sculptures page.


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