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WELCOME to my website.


The exhibition at Delamore in Devon is now OPEN, and runs all through May - if you have a chance to go, don't miss it, because it's particularly strong this year.

The Pashley Manor Tulip Festival is also at its vivid and beautiful best, and their Sculpture In Particular exhibition comes soon. Some details and pictures are below:

Mind the crab: he's four feet across and the claws mean business. He's on his way to Delamore Arts in Devon for their exhibition which runs all through May. He will be accompanied by some smaller cousins, a couple of badgers, and an owl, amongst others, and a fine display of iris.

This is another owl, delivered with a generous supporting cast including tulips, poppies, agapanthus and water-lilies, to Pashley Manor in preparation for their opening at Easter weekend. They are now open daily, Tuesdays through to Saturdays, plus Bank Holidays Mondays, right through the summer.

It is a good feeling to set out on the making for a new season. Christmas is the only stage in the year when the hearth gets cold for more than a day at a time, but after the break I'm always excited by the prospect of making new work (like the owl, above,) for Easter at Pashley Manor, and Delamore, Devon, in May; and this year I have already completed commissions including a Land Rover, sailing boats on a wood-grain wild sea coast, giant leaves for a Golf Club, and one old favourite, a dragonfly. There is a new anemone flower on the 'New Sculptures' page, and now I'm hard at work on tulips and poppies for Pashley Manor. It's busy like an ant-hill!

Speaking of which, still to come: developing my leaf-cutter ants...

...just as soon as this mouse will let me have a turn on the anvil -


Galleries and Gardens: please visit the EVENTS AND EXHIBITIONS page to see the other places where my work can currently be viewed.

Note: pictures and prices shown on the Website

The pictures of sculptures shown in the Gallery are usually the first example of a new design, and the price shown is a guide to what that piece would cost. Each piece, however, is an individual work in its own right, and subsequent examples of any design may vary as ideas develop. Therefore the pictures and the prices shown should be taken, as they are labelled, as a guide. See 'Prices and Designs' page for a fuller explanation.

Copyright on all images and designs on this website remains with Emily Stone.

Please note - I'm NOT at the address shown in Google! If you need to visit the workshop, phone me on 07714 106 649 for directions.

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  Rutting Stags seen at The Salutation Gardens, Sandwich; now on view at the Fire and Iron Gallery, Leatherhead. On the right, my heaviest-ever sculpture in progress - ready for Delamore Arts last year.      

Other new arrivals are on the New Sculptures page.


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